To: When in Seagull Mountain Resort, Buda

What I am always dreamed of for myself is to travel to different places with no one to be with. Where I can always think for myself and take good care of myself  and be with myself not minding the people around me for once. But not this soon… hahaha

I wasn’t expecting to travel north by myself until last Saturday. The Engineering faculty of our department went to Seagull Mountain Resort with 4 of my co-student assistants. But, then, things seem to favor me (well, I don’t fancy going there because I feel like I want to go there alone or with friends only, sorry) for they have left a box of food they need there and I was tasked to bring it there, so meaning, I am going to Buda, all by myself with a box of softdrinks and foods. Crap

I was really thrilled with the thoughts of going there alone, 1. because Donna described the place to be beautiful and cool; and 2. because I am going there alone. But, all my excitement were all drained for many reasons. I went to school to ‘fetch’ the things, that means I have to ready the things, carry them downstairs and almost cry because it was only me and Aminah who carried the things from 3rd floor to the gate; paid for 40 pesos to the porter, seated beside a lola who always speak to her apo with anger, plus she always complain about how things are done. Sucks. Fright was what I have that time. I am afraid of not knowing where to go, where to stop and who to call; I am afraid of what my bosses will say to me if I will be there; Afraid of the bus bus getting bombed on the way there and many more morbid thoughts… Yes, I really did not know where to go. But luckily, the bus conductor remembers where I will be going, mainly maybe because I kept on looking at him with my i-dont-know-where-to-go-face. haha. 


The place is very cool and amazing. I can’t explain that much. If ever I arrived there, emotionally stable and physically untired, I would have appreciated the front view of the resort. But as soon as I arrived and greeted with the laughter of Nicholai and the sight I was not expecting to see, I cried. I cried slightly to Je. What a trip.


What I really love with the trip is that I get the chance to see how God has made the mountains and trees so perfectly for people. I love how cool the place is. How people found living along with trees and mountains. I can’t describe the feeling.2016-05-22 07.28.32 1.jpg

I am not the picture loving girl so I am using Niks, pics from his GoPro. Thanks Nik! Well, we went to Bemwa, and the falls of Seagull. Given a chance, I would like to go back there and enjoy myself for a while. Pics, everyone.




GOPR5198.JPG2016-05-22 07.28.27 1.jpg2016-05-22 07.28.39 1.jpg2016-05-22 07.28.44 1.jpgThanks, Seagull!