Birthday Week.

Final Defense + Exams + Revisions + Exams = STRESS

Something to start with, my birthday week is equal to stressful week. Yes. I started my birthday week with more thesis making, plus a bit of working for my project and bigger for my thesis and I am so stressed. Haha

Anyways, let’s get started. The major happening this week (well except for my birthday) is my final defense! *insert sword sound effects* and I would like to commend my partner, Kia for still keeping me as her pair for I think I am not that efficient and I have no help to the paper. *cries* lol. I am very blessed to have her. And mind you, we have passed the final defense! Thank you Dear God!

Everyone, my partner, Kia Kamille.

Well, before the actual defense, I have to consult my wardrobe manager *char* for the suggestions and comments with regards to my clothes. Haha But I didn’t heed her advice because I love my dress.

Haha. I dont like to show my knees.
Her. She is sleeping Jk.

I will be posting many faces of me, because I am that vain that time.

Well, it seems that t’was the highlight of my week because, I was so busy at my birthday day really that I looked like Haggardo Versoza at that time. Running to USEP then back to the school, taking the exams (which I slept half the time I’m on my table) then read some birthday greeting on facebook.

Actually I really love those people who made efforts of texting me their birthday message (and not that HBD only) or post my freaking face on facebook plus their novel-like greetings. I get to see who are those people who knew when will be your birthday and they are sincere with you as a friend through the messages. I know and I proved many.

The funny thing on my birthday is that my gang tried to upset me by not greeting me. But, because I am that smart, lol, I figured out that they are planning. We dined out and laughed our hearts out. I so love them

PS. Check out my instagram for the picture haha.  

Pictures be like:

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And again, thank you to those cool kids who spent their time with me for the past 20 years. I’m in great debt in you guys cos with you, I maybe no one. So cheers to LEVEL 20 :*

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The School of Sight

Last week Saturday, I was able to visit a school, along with my classmates and my teacher for my SPED 7 subject. A school wherein I was truly amazed on how students are able to function and study like the normal people despite the fact that they have something lacking within themselves-the sight.

Yes, I am talking about the Davao School And Rehabilitation Center For The Visually Impaired or locally known to be the School for the Blind located at Talomo, Davao City, Philippines. The ride was long, with the traffic added and the noon ambience (considering we departed from the school at 11:00AM, I think). I was hungry and sweaty and sleepy at that time, for I woke up that morning from a thesis night.

But everything will be forgotten once you arrived at the place. The place is very peaceful. I even joke about being on a retreat house with the peacefulness and maybe how quiet the place is. My teacher told us to be quiet or maybe lower and tone down our voice. We waited for maybe 20-30 minutes before we were entertained by the principal of the school whom to my surprise is also blind. Yes, and I was amazed. He talked about the history of the school, answered our questions and even posed for a photo-opt with us.


After the orientation, we were given the chance to roam around the school. At first, we just went around the grounds with ourselves, grouped according to friend. Haha. And we found one legally blind boy, I think for t’was my classmates who interview him, doing the laundry. AMAZEBALLS! He was shy. Yes, he was that I told my friends to just stop bugging him and to leave him alone.

After some photo-opts, we went back to the front grounds, we saw 3 blind young men who are giving tours to my other classmates. Considering how lucky they are, I went to the crowd and walked with one of the three men. He had the chance to hit me but I didn’t say a word and kept quiet because I really don’t know how to act around them. I am shy. I walked with him until I finally spoke and asked him to give us a tour around the school. He is Aldrin (at first I thought that it was Alden, I’m an AlDub fan and it was Saturday that day for cheesesticks!), and I was really amazed on how he did toured us around the school. He knew all of the rooms well, and never missed or gotten wrong. He even read the braille poster on a classroom! I have trouble reading braille still because all I know was the Grade 1 braille, if not mistaken. I haven’t memorized the shortcuts of certain words.

After the tour, I settled under the tree to watch AlDub (I told you so).  Then, someone did played the drums. And my classmates run to the stage for t’was a blind boy, playing. I really don’t know who was that because I was consumed with the tv haha.

I am always grateful for the opportunity of visiting the school because it really proved that people can really live, despite the disability. I would like to share some thoughts of the principal of the school. That in the school, they teach students to live and function like a normal one. Amazing advocate. Amazing people. Amazing!

Did I over used the word Amazing? Amazing isn’t it?

IMG_20151003_131126 IMG_20151003_131131 IMG_20151003_131218 IMG_20151003_131328 IMG_20151003_133102 12105824_884081508346160_6287352567758689253_n

PS. Never mind my face. Hags all along. 

Hell Week, Hell Yeah!

“Get your poops done, Biatch”

 That is what I am trying to do now for almost a week now (considering it is still the first day of the new week). A lot of paper works to be done, let alone tons of tasks to accomplish. And stress is consuming me, big time I almost feel I am made up of stress lol.

Everybody in the school is talking about, defense, research, re-defense (well those I knew) and I am like, I feel y’all bruh. I feel you. With the thesis making on-going, I have to stay late at night to finish what I am ought to do. Sleepless nights plus early time schedule and no appetite in the every meal is so draining. Plus the feeling of guilt within me whenever I can’t attend to my partners requests for our thesis because of my work and the no-overnighting rule in the house where I am staying at.

So hard, Iknowright.

What thesis did to me
What thesis did to me…
What now?

Saturday was the only one I get to enjoy myself with. You know, we went to Davao School and Rehabilitation Center of the Visually Impaired, an institution catering the education of those students who are blind. It is located at Bago Aplaya, Talomo District, Davao City. It is a quiet place in the heart of a busy and noisy place. I had met and was amazed on how the people in there continue their life despite the fact that they are blind, they are not that shy, not to proud and boastful and I can feel the sincerity in their smiles whenever we joke them around. I loved the place, I will post and update this whenever I have all the pictures ready.

And well, after the slight disruption of thesis making, back to reality already. I’ve got to spend my free day (which is Sunday) with the thesis partner at downtown of Davao City.

Goal Achieved! Selfie at the Convenience Store’s “CCTV”

Just now…

The remaining appendix…

Happiest for now. Good Luck tomorrow. Final Defense Fighting!