Jani as described

“Hi. I am Jana Vivien. And I love foods.”

Haha. So yes, I am Jana Vivien. I so love reading and writing stuff that I always forgot that I still have more important things to do for my “reality”. 

I am an introvert but people feel like I am not or maybe that is what I think they feel about me. I very fluent in my mother tongue, Bisaya. I can converse Tagalog and English, but with wrong grammar, I say. My mother is a pure Ilocana and my father is an Ilocano which makes me an Ilocana but I can’t understand the language so, fail.


 I love making videos of me and the people around me. I love eating chocolates, I love eating ice cream. I love no comb days. I love going out but with friends and family only. I love going to the beach but I don’t know how to swim so I prefer to a beach resort with pool. Yes, because I also don’t like the feel of the sand plus the shells and all other sea creature under my feet while, you know, walking, cos I repeat, I don’t know how to swim. Sucks.

I am makulit. I am annoying. I am not that friendly because I am maldita. I am not good in socializing, I don’t know why. I have few close friends. I am a home buddy. I love my bed so much I sleep with it. Charaught! 

Well, maybe that’s me. Not just someone you know well but, I am real babe. Real as you are. Extraordinaire-not.