I’ve been waiting for so long…  It’ll be almost 5 years… And here I am wearing this uniform, proud of everything I have done for myself, for my parents, and for everyone.. I am finally on my INTERNSHIP!


I’ve been busy since the start of the semester for my internship. I’ve dealt with problems with regards to many things for me to be able to push through my internship smoothly. We had various activities, Leadership Training, Seminars, Pinning Ceremonies and all. I struggled on disciplining myself for the deployment time and readying myself for the real thing. Aaaaaand, I’ve been struggling with what to do with my kilay! HAHAHAHAH. Yaaas, I feel like I don’t have the enough confidence that I should be having if I can’t do my kilay. But, I’ll get byyyyy. 😬☺️


So, I’ve been assigned at Davao City Special School. Until now I am keeping up with my parents expectations to me-that I should graduating and atleast do good. I am also struggling on waking up every morning and be positive and avoiding those negatives on my head and on my heart.

(    (    (   (  ( (( POSITIVITY )) )  )   )    )

Let us talk about how is my classroom. My classroom is ez. Joke. I have students with individual learning capacity, which I struggle so much. I also have a student with harsh tendencies, he already punched, pinched and wounded me. But I still can’t see myself hating him or everyone because they are them, they are angels, they are kids.👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻  *aweeee, Teacher Jana!

So far, I am enjoying my internship.  Even though it is eating almost of my time, I am happy. Even though it is that tiring and energy consuming, I am happy with what I am doing. I hope I will be a good teacher someday.



Struggles, pains and all is what I am experiencing but I know I can do it! Yosh.

Ako pa. Si Jana kaya ko! 👸🏻


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