Hi, imy.


Dear Alfie,



How are you doing right now? I am
doing fine. I turned 21 last Saturday, if you didn’t know. I waited for your text, or message on facebook or anything from you. I love to hear from you. You’ve been AWOL from my life since like forever. I haven’t heard any news from you. Are you doing fine? Are you eating your meals properly? I already told you to always eat your meals, right? You told me you’ll graduate sooner than mine so I bet you are doing your best right now to comply with all of your requirements. I’ve been doing good this semester. I only have five subjects and last week was my pure hell week for I cried buckets of tears for my project. But so far, I’m good. Kaya nako ni diba? Mao na pirmi imong ginaingon sa akoa

I am coping up with my life right now. I am coping up with the fact that I no longer have any connection with you anymore. I am pathetic, yes I am. Do you know how much I missed you? I long to speak to you. It is only you who listens to my most annoying rants, childish plans and insane decisions. You have proved that one call away exist. Did you ever think of me whenever you feel sad? Because I always think about you when I am sad, when I am alone, when I have another random idea stuck in my brain, when I am so happy about passing my project on time, when I got the highest score in my midterm exam in HE, when I can’t take all the craps in my life anymore. I miss you so much.



Did I told that I am thankful of you coming into my life? For the past years, I’ve known you. You are my forever, forever crush. You are my the best thing i’ve never had. You are my unrequited love. Did I told you I wanted to spend my life with you? Romantically, yes, but I know it’ll never happen so let’s go as friends forever. But you cut me off out of your life. You ignored my calls, never answer my text, never send me message on facebook, I was totally left behind.

Don’t get me wrong. There was never an US. And you know I want US. But you have them, HER specifically. I just wanted to know why did you ever leave me behind. You promised me to be at my back everytime. I did take it seriously. And maybe I am crying like this, acting like your ex-girlfriend, is because I got used to having you in my life. You always got my back. For my four years in college, you absorbed all my craps, became my backbone in everything. Sorry. If this is what you want, okay I’ll be good at it. I can never have you forever anyway. I can’t live forever depending in you always, that is the truth. So I guess I should move on, let go of all of my memories of you and move forward. Thank you so much for everything.

Dear Alfie. See me soonest, I wish. I love you so much that it hurts. I’ll be walking ahead slowly for you to catch me up. I know I am still hoping, but atleast I’m moving forward. Ilove you. I love you, Alfie.789f76b1e1d3e38df1dce578634acd8b.jpg


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