Happy Araw ng Laag sa Sto. Tomas

Hello! How is everything going on? Its been ages since I’ve posted something this long. This is a sign that I am well again chos. I’ve been glued to my phone recently because I’ve been reading manga and ruining my school life, joke.

Usui Takumi, everyone.


Moving on, I went home last Saturday! *yey* After two months of not going home, two months of glued eyes on the screen of my phone and two months of concentration on my school life and duty life, I finally went home. I was planning to do it this Friday tho but my mother was very persistent because she wanted me to buy my brother’s drumsticks. yeah, sad life. My mother summoned me home because she wanted me to buy that thing for my brother.

But then I promised myself not to go out with my friends because I have my HE1 project to do and my Educ33 exams today, Monday. So, did nothing of what I planned. HAHAHAHAHA. Upon arrival, I called Jerald to “libre” me with all the rides the local carnival offered but we ended riding the useless horror cab, damn. We finished the night eating balut tho.

Well, Sunday was a different story. I was busy with my laundry and my project when my cousin’s cousin came because she will be living with us. And to become a good cousin, hahaha I went out with them to watch the DBC competition at the Gymnasium, but because t’was so hot (it’s 1 in the afternoon) we went back to the house after 30 minutes.

I went out to go to church at 4:30pm. But I arrived at the church 30 minutes later because there is a fire near gymnasium, which I should pass. Everyone’s like “I should video the smoke, the fire!” ugh. After church I met my friends, the same group I am with last April.

I came to realize just now that everytime I am with them, food is always free. LIBREEEEEE!

I ended my Araw ng Sto. Tomas early, because I feared the amount of gangsters on the place and I am afraid of getting stabbed by their icepicks or knives or I am just a morbid thinker.

Happy Araw ng Sto. Tomas!

Ps. We did not celebrate it with alcoholic drinks. They always knew.



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