She is laughing. Her smile is what everyone sees everyday. Her giddiness makes everyone think that she is okay. Her jokes looks like there is nothing bad happening. She is happy.

But every night, she cries herself to sleep. They didn’t know she cried when she was confronted because she can’t let her emotions show especially when she have the image of being strong. Everything is a lie. She is not what everybody sees. She is a mask of her self.

She can do everything. On her own. With her own perseverance, she can get out of this cage that she’s in for so long. She can be someone who won’t cry easily for petty things. She can be someone who is confident of herself. She can be the one who will say to the world that she is her. Someday.

She is happy. She is alive but is suffering. She is torn between moving forward and stepping back. I hope she can make it soon. The soonest I pray.


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