You and I… done

I tried

I tried patching up everything

I tried not minding everything you have done

I tried patching us up

But you gave up.


You gave up on everything,

You gave up on everything that we built.

You gave up on giving another chance of us.

You gave up our love

You left me.


You said you love me,

I believed in you.

You know how much I love you,

I know you do.

It was then, me and you.


Before you left me, I was your everything

Before you left me, we we’re okay,

Before you left me, you were contented

Before you left me, everything’s fine.

But that was before.


I was your princess, back then

I was your everything, back then

I was your world, back then

Back then, where our lives are both okay

Back then.


I am hurting.

I am hurting hearing those words from you

I am hurting seeing how you are hurt.

I am hurting.

I will always be, without you. 


Today, you wished to meet me

At the place where we first met

Today, I am doing the best thing I know

To set you free

To give you back your happiness.



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