Be happy. Always.



“Happy kaayo ka today Jan!”

“Dili ka BV Jan?”

Those are just sample questions asked by people around me, maybe, who noticed the ALWAYS hyped Jani they encounter nowadays. Okay, let me explain why.

I already have a boyf! Charot!

Maybe I am hyped nowadays because I feel the constant love around me. Love is everything. Just like what I learned with Dracula Untold (I watched it again last night and I am amazed on my realizations with regards to the movie) All kinds of love is everything.

I mean, last time, if you’ll check my other posts here, I was a kind of a downer or sad or depressed which I don’t know why. I’ve already shared this with #theGirls and gladly, the constant checking up on me helps and the best thing and maybe the main reason I am happy is because I’ve went to church which I failed to do for the past 3 months. *Cries, sorry* 

The Holy Week brought the big change with my outlook in life. I am “more”. I realized many things and I love how this change has brought me on where I am now. So, what I suggest to those people like me, who are in doubt of their existence in life, seek God. Seek God and reflect on how great He is and how He will never abandon and never ever will make you feel sad. Because He is love.GoodAndPerfect-e1449084312261.jpg

Well, I might also give an update with how I am doing right now. I am constantly happy. I now sleep early and wake up early. I am active nowadays, I mean, I am doing physical works just like going at the CET office to do errands, not the stagnant facing-the-computer life I had for the last sem.

I mean, I am happy. And I pray to God that, I will be constantly happy and always be happy, inside and out. I am contented of what I have now. I am loved.

1Photo on 10-9-15 at 7.00 PMAaaaand, tadaaaaa! A video of me for you!

PS. This is way 2014 till now. Enjoy watching!



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