March 28, 2016. Have you ever imagined yourself being left behind by the people close to you? Because… Chaaaars. I was just saddened by the thought that my highschool and elementary classmates were done with schooling leaving me on stuck with, still, college. I cri 😭 On the lighter note, because I am not graduating, I planned on attending the program and their celebration. Yey for lechon 🐽 and Dawin (what you gotta dessert!) 💋

As planned, I went to the graduation venue only to go back home because I can’t find Niño, and I am sweating all over. Anyways, I went to Niño’s cos he invited me and he can’t go out if I won’t pick him up at their house (Oh diba. Ako po yung babae sa aming dalawa. Wut an ass). So, the initial plan of going to them, then to Rogie’s house was dropped because Rogie  ran out of Dawin and that’s we’re looking for.

We went to Rockie Lynn’s, to 1. Sundo her; and 2. Look for Dawin. But, they are still preparing so we went to Claire’s. It was Claire’s birthday so we expected for many Dawins. Unfortunately, they were still cooking so we fled to Francis John’s and THANK GOD! Chaaaars. We’ve got to eat na.

IMG_20160328_140319 copy.jpg



Rogie, Van, Mary Ann, Rockie Lynn, Me, Francis John and Niño asaying



After the fooding, we went to fetch Scott on the way to Rockie Lynn’s house and I was getting worried because I will be going back to Davao at 8pm and t’was already 6pm. I was feeling bloated and full already but I had to eat upon arriving at the place because, beyb it’s lechon and I am craving for it even now while I am writing this, and it taste good and lechon-ly.

After eating, I opted to go home already but was later fetched by Scott, who maybe was bitin with the foodtrip. We went back to Claire’s, only this time, t’was only me, Scott, Van and of course, Niño. And I ate lechon, again.

On the way home, I was planning for what excuse I will be saying to Mama but as arrived she did not talk to me. T’was brownout (curse it) and I still have plans on going to Krizia but did not push it through because 1. I am short of time 2. My mama is not talking to me 3. I can’t go out of the house.

Being out there with the graduates feels like I did belong for a short while. I know that was mean for me to stay out for 8hours but t’was worth it. I did not say being scolded by my mama is good but, sometimes, you need to break the rulezzz.



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