#DayOut #StressFree


For me, weekends are just the pause of your life on the run. A day’s worth of pause from reality. I appreciate a day of the usual weekend but last week I got to spend 4 days of my weekend. Hihi. Kasi, we don’t have class last friday and saturday ‘cos the school’s having some bonding charrr~

So I spent my first day of no class with my Literature 2 classmates. It was really my first time to work infront of the camera for I am always the director or the cameraman haha. Well, I got my first acting and I done pretty bad haha. I slapped (it’s in the script) Joj two times until I passed my lines. Then, after the shooting we went for KTeveyy! And t’was my first time to go out with other people aside from my circle of friends. I am happy.




I spent my saturday on my bed, sleeping hihi. It’s been what I have deprived myself from for months time right now. Sleep is love, baby. I’m like:

When you are nagmamaganda.jpg
yeah baby.

Then spent my Sunday with the fam! T’was Uncle Frank and Lynlyn’s birthday celebration! I told mama that I will go for a swim first but eventually stopped after 10 minutes because my skin started to itchy like I’m so artyyy haha.

Ang ganda keeeew ❤️

Weekend is so loveeeee. It’s a big break and a preparation of the incoming exams! And true to my words, the exams were true bloody and #theGirls complained on how the shtty the exams are.

Solution: go to the nearest carnival. We went there and tried the Sea Dragon, where, my friend and her suitor allegedly got scared lol i cant explain. 

The experience? S H I T. I’m never ever riding that bitch! I feel like if I won’t hold on the safety bars, I’ll flew out of the ride. S H I T.

Good thing we tried the Bump Car to subdue the nervousness and all the mixed feeling I felt that night.


Conclusion: Happiness ❤️😁😆



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