From: Vanishing Island

So, I’ve been absent for my afternoon duty today because we went to Vanishing Island, IGaCoS and unluckily, I wasn’t able to foresee what will happen to me in there. I’ll explain!
Lol. So, it’s Saturday and I really don’t do much on Saturdays except going to school, complain about how my teacher spend the whole time talking about his life, sit infront of the computer for my duty and go home, spend the next hours on twitter, instagram or  if I got new books to read, then I’ll read. That is my routine actually so when I don’t have classes or anything scheduled to do on Saturdays, I probably don’t know what to do.
So here is my story:
I woke up early because my NSTP class will have it’s immersion at Vanishing Island, IGaCos. Because I know that there will be water in there, probably getting my feet soaked up, I wore maong shorts (above the knee, but not pekpek) and my NSTP shirt. I had with me in my bagpack my pants, sandals and extra t-shirt for my duty laters bearing in mind that I will go directly to the school to avoid getting late, hence, I should not go for a swim.
But things did not happen as I planned. We arrived at Brgy. Tambo and rode a bangka going to Vanishing Island. I should have rode the bangka with Dlyn and some girls but unfortunately, I did not make the cut so I have to ride a bigger motor operated bangka with our SV, Shela and some boys she is with.
Arriving at the islet, I was really shocked because my classmates was already soaked on the almost waist deep water. I was like, WTF. Sounds so OA but yes, I really cursed all cursed words I could recall because I really did not expect the scenario!
I asked the bangkero if I could just stay at the bangka and wait till the class finished the task but he insisted I should go down. With the help of my classmate, I was able to go down and as expected, I walked with my pants and 1/4 of my shirt soaked. (Some just got their pants soaked because they are blessed with the height I don’t have. Argh. I should have worn heels. jk)
On the other hand, let us set all my complains aside, the place is breathtaking.
credits to the owner of the picture. I was not able to take some pictures because I am not on the mood. 
 And I would love to go back there, prepared and not hungry. The place feels like you are part of nature-part of it. Although I have fears of traveling via water, the travel from Brgy. Tambo to the island is okay. I mean, with the cool ocean breeze and the cool place you are sitting (I was sitting on the very front of the bangka along with my classmates and if I’m on the right mood, I would have posed as Rose and the bangkero as the Jack for a selfie). 
On the way back, I rode the first bangka I saw along with the students from the other class. Because maybe I was that greedy, our bangka stopped on the midway to Brgy. Tambo. A motorboat composed of 4 coast guard came to the rescue. Thanks you lot!

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