Single: What to do on Vday

The end is near. February 14 is near. The end is near for those miserable this past few weeks. Your miserable days will finally be ending so rejoice! Mabuhay Singles! Long live #TeamAlone. 

But, even if the end is near, you will be facing the so-called “Most-Romantic Day of the Year”, the “Love Day”, the “Couple’s Night” and the day where life slaps you the truth-you are A L O N E.

But don’t worry I listed below some activities you might enjoy to endure the Valentine’s Day:

To start with, if you ever don’t want to stay inside your house these are the things you might want to do:

  1. Go watch a movie and if you the scene will involve kissing, you can shout “huy ha sa eksena na lang kiss wala dito sa sinehan!”
  2. Go play DoTA all day. If you don’t know how to play, ask the gamer on the nearest internet cafe you have on your place. (The gamer can teach you and maybe can teach you how to fall inlove. Oha! Double purpose!)
  3. Eat big. Go and order food for two. You can have them all! Hahaha
  4. Drink big. Order one large drink and put two heart shape straws on it (maybe those cups cheesy couples order). Then sip the juice using the two straws. That is what we call two become one.giphy
  5. Be Bitter Ocampo. On a crowd full of couples you can shout “WALANG FOREVER!” Let us see how people react.
  6. Date with your family.
  7. Visit loved ones on the cemetery. Offer a candle for them and for the soul of the one who broke your heart. May his soul rest in peace. LOLJK
  8. Free hugs. Free Kiss. Go on the mall. Wear a placard saying: “I am single. Hug me. Kiss me.” (Atleast you won’t belong to the not hugged and kissed people before Feb. 14 ends.)
  9. Date your laptop, phones and other gadgets. This is the day you express your love to those people who understands you and who are always there for you. Atta boy!
  10. Sightseeing. Go and watch couples do their mushy things on public. If ganyan ka kamanhid, then go. Hahaha

But, if you want to stay on your house, then here are the things you might do:

  1. Throw a party for singles. Take note: SINGLE PEOPLE only. You should be strict on allowing your guest inside the party.
  2. Learn how to cook. Just do it. If you already know how to, then congrats.
  3. Go clean your house. Because you have so much time for yourself, you can clean your messy room, and your house. Go and be productive.
  4. Contemplate life. Life is wonderful. You can for sure find answers to your prayers there.
  5. Do Vlog. Document how you spend your everyday. I recommend you do dance cover. I love doing random dance covers. Document how you spend your everyday. And most importantly, how you survived Vday.
  6. Express yourself.
  7. Study for the exam. Exams like a week a way. So be productive and study.
  8. Eat ice cream, chocolate and cake. Spoil yourself.
  9. Surf for potential fafa. If you really want to have your Forever, then go meet them on flirting sites. Go on. I know you are dying to kiss someone.
  10. Sleep. I love sleeping.


I hope I am a big help to you. And I am glad to help. If you are asking me what will I do tomorrow, I will probably visit Kuya Ken at Forest Lake like what I did last Valentine’s Day. And maybe text my fam how I love them (I am not the cheesy daughter tho.)

In anyway we celebrate or spend Valentine’s Day, you should put in mind that after Feb. 14, singles still reigns.


Walang forever dahil wala pa si forever. Kung andyaan na, edi sgi. Hello Forever.


Mabuhay #TeamSawi!


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