Bye, 2015. Hello, 2016

Another year has passed and a new year in on. I really don’t want to evaluate my last year because I am that awesome and my year was awesome loljk. I know that I have done bad things, good things, and great things last year. I love my life, if you must know.

If you will ask me what my new year’s resolution is, well, I don’t have because I am the come what may one. The one who goes with the flow but thinks of what will happen next.

Well, I wanted to share here some eventful things on the last days of Christmas. One thing is that after four years, my batch, SASO 2012, won on the SASO Batch Christmas ID where I was tasked to edit the vids. I was so happy that time that I posted the trophy on facebook lol. Click here for the post.

Staying at house for the Christmas break bores me so much. I sure did spend time with my relatives. But I am not allowed to go out and meet some friend because I don’t know, well I am good at that because I am so lazy I feel not getting up the bed lol. I only go out the place when my mother will ask me to ran errands for her. Sigh. Boring but I still love how I spent it because I have the time for my family, annoying my sister and her friends, bossing around the house when the parentals are not around. You know typical big sis jobs haha.

I also spent time with Irish, my girl bestfriend and Niño, my boy bestfriend. Irish has a new boyf now and I am happy for her. I am always happy for her, you know that I got some pics with her and I feel like not posting most of it cos, those are treasures you know. On the other hand, I don’t have a picture of Niño here on my phone. Why? Because her girlf hates me so much I think she’ll strangle him to death whenever she’ll see one. The truth is I love annoying her but I am just worried with Niño for he will really beg me not to post something on facebook because his love will get angry. Poor him hahaha.

Most eventful thing? When we waited for Christmas to come at my parents room. My sibs are out and I feel like I am the baby once again. Haha. It feels like I am the favorite again and I am the only one again. I am pretty jealous of my sibs but I always put on my mind that I am the oldest so I should let go. Char.



I am happy with what 2015 let me experience and I am hoping for more adventures this 2016.

To 2015: Mischief Managed.

To 2016: I Solemnly Swear That I’m Up To No Good.

*insert Harry Potter themesong*


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