Before Xmas Break

One thing that I am very excited about December, except for the foods on Christmas and the money you can get with your relatives, is the two week break I can get. Because gosh, that means that I will be having more time for my sleep, more time with my sis and bro and mom and pops and more laags for me. Life that I certainly miss whenever I am here at the city.

But one thing I hate about the month is the Christmas rush. I have to go to the mall to buy presents for my family, which means I have to endure the presence of many people around me and my aching legs. I also have to wake up earlier that my usual routine because the Christmas Traffic is so bad I feel like I am at EDSA. Plus, I have to budget my money and have to plan first before spending which means I have to not entertain the foods along the street even if I am hungry. Gosh.

What did I do on the past few days of December? I started December with an absent to my fave subject (what a month starter). And everybody’s like, December be good to me and I am like, Boo yah December. Hahahah

I also got throwback feels with Taylor Swift’s Back to December because I don’t now. I was shuffling with her songs when this played and everything flashes to my mind. The bullcrap virtual boyf I got back on highschool who replaced me with some I-don’t-know-who and whom I so love daw. Haha.  I stalked him on facebook and he was mopping because he got ditched by his gf Haha. Suits you right. jk.

After going to my parents place, I faced our first exam for this sem and started complaining on how half of teachers’ teaching strategy is so bad I feel like I haven’t learned anything from them.

Later, I got hooked with Justin Bieber’s song and I really love his Love Yourself like it means that WALANG FOREVER hahahah. I am not that bitter btw.

Then there is the Christmas shopping for gifts and all. Haha.

But all in all, I am looking for the Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

I hope yours is as Merry as I am.




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