Everytime my Aunt and her fam will go for trips for one-two days like, going to the beach, expect that I will be at the house laying my bed. Haha. Well, the trip sometimes fall on Friday night and I have classes and duty on Saturday or I got scheduled appointments on the next day like I am so busy lol. Also, I really don’t like to go out especially if I feel that I will be alone doing all the stuff there. (You see, my cousins do have their lovelife with them, plus Jaree and the remaining single cousin, Lyn. Leaving me with no one. #ForeverAlone. Plus the thing that I can’t swim, so I won’t enjoy it really). Peace, I am really OA and maarte 😂😚✌🏻

So, last Saturday (well, my ‘me-time’ or ‘happy time’) I was alone again cos the relatives went to Surigao so I invited Jeraldin and Donna to sleepover the house cos I am alone. The main reason I want the to sleep at the house is to cook for me on the morning haha because I am a jinx at the kitchen.

Kuya Rhey dropped us at the house after securing my place is good and no harm shall will ever harm us. Well, we cooked instant pancit canton and hotdog for our dinner which was too much for us. After Kuya Rhey left, we watched movie a bit, talked alot and because we’re exhausted, we decided to call it a night.12278882_547936615362805_3037946265873173952_n.jpg

But nah. We planned to sleep maybe at 2:00am, Sunday morning but later stayed until nearly 4:00am by just watching tv and talking.


By 6:00am, I was the first one to wake up. I waited for Je and Donna to wake up because they promised to cook the breakfast for the three of us. But because I am impatient, I was the one to cook for them and luckily, I perfected my cooking! 😳 BOILED EGGS AND TUYO for morning!

and Pictures! 12295494_547936482029485_8368224051183243810_n.jpg12274485_547936328696167_8154355834388118076_n.jpg


I will never forget how the night turned up to be sooooo good being with these gals! I will never forget how Je wanted to dry up her manicure through the stand fan which is not even working! How Donna cmplain about her short shorts and how her … oops. I bet she won’t let me broadcast it!

I know this is just the start of more craziness with them.  I love these girls! And I am looking forward for more adventures with them! Next stop, Donna’s crib 💋


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