The Escape

Whenever I want to go to any place, I always make sure to not really plan the who escapade because it tend to not happen whenever planned. So, I always make sure to not think about it even though I am so excited. But last Saturday night was the most spontaneous outing.

Classes are cut short that time because of the Graduation feels lol. Well, Ate Mae invited us to eat in their house. Merald came at the laboratory, broken-hearted and he wanted to go out so we decided to go at Seagull, a beach at Matina. Merald, Donna, Derik and me ended riding a jeepney going to Sasa Wharf to go to Sunset Beach Resort at Samal Island.

I only got 150 pesos at that time. I was in-charge of the fare from Magsaysay to Sasa which cost 11php per person leaving me to pay for them. The ride from Davao to Samal was fast. Before going to the resort we bought junkfoods, (i don’t know with those guys, i was hungry at that time) Cola and water.

The resort was really far from the Wharf so we have to ride a tricycle. But because of lack of finances, we did decided to have 2 options, the Sunset or the Baywalk, because Baywalk don’t have entrance fee and corkage. We first inquired at Sunset but because there is a corkage for drinks we went to Baywalk but headed to Sunset the moment we saw Baywalk. I don’t suggest you people going in there because it was just a walk way near the water with lampposts and there’s lotsa couple in there and I am we are bitter.


The entrance
was 30 plus a worth 5php environmental tix idk what was that for.  Walking inside we did came up with a one conclusion, we are so dumb on not preparing the whole thing cos, we don’t have picnic mat or towel or tent to lay our butts with while eating the chips. Lol. We walked on a store, and Merald, being the most bagag nawong amongst, beg for a table to eat with. The kind lady let us borrow one table but we should evacuate before 9PM.

We ate, talked, laughed. My personal favorite part of the escapade is when we sang on the videoke machine. Merald sang emo songs, ugh and I sang the Chimeran Finale song, Order Taker by Parokya ni Edgar. Because the song is warshock the ungrateful ppl left me singing the chorus and ran out. And because I am a shy person, after the second chorus, I also ran for my life. But take note, I already performed the stage! Hahaha

We walked to the Lansta Station, because we have no money already haha, jumping to the headlights from motorcycles whenever it’ll approach us, got shouted from a group of people riding on one of the motorcycles with “Walay Forever” thing for we are walking by girl-boy pairs (well we answered back, “nagkasinabot jod ta dra!” and “wala man jod”) and got serenaded by the kids there, I mean those kids who’ll sing for you and then you’ll give them money.


Overall, the escapade was good and fun. Thanks for the ppl I went with.

Ps. I should have put these on my bucket list. Anyhow, t’was already done.


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