What sucks to be a working student of the school is that you will never ever be satisfied with all of your breaks or vacations. Breaks will be just for two, three or maybe with the maximum of 2 weeks only compared to those regular students. So in every breaks we have, I always make sure to make the most of my stay worth it.(Truth is, I am a certified lakwatsera, so I am deprived of outings on school days. Lol)


Krizia. The first thing I did upon arriving at the house is to contact Krizia. Because I wasn’t able to held a meet up I promised on my birthday, I thought that I should celebrate it with her even its already late. I owe her one. Haha.


Day 2

Happy Birthday Kyota! The people in the house woke up earlier, leaving me, the only one, sprawled on the bed. They went to the other house to help in the preparation of the birthday, again leaving me sprawled on the bed. (Haha, but I was under the full moon that time! Oha, Palusot!) I just went out the room when my mom called me to eat. Buhay senyorita haha. I am really not that good on big crowd most especially when it was not my family throwing the party.

Chel, Jasmine, Me, Justine and Kyota preparing the night before the day.

Day 3

Swimming! T’was the second bitch-est swimming day with the family kids. Went to Jericho’s with the kids plus Auntie Helen and her 2 minions lol. The place was deserted except the watchmen. The thing on that day is that all, except me and Chel and the graders, were good in swimming leaving the two of us on the 4 feet part of the pool. argh. But because I was that eager to learn how to swim, I moved to 5ft part and went there to swim…wearing my sisters lifejacket. Haha. Well, I went swim without the jacket, but I have my mom, and the kids plus the watchmen after me. Haha. They suggested that swimming is just like doing the nae nae and I did tried, dived, laughed and sunk and retrieved by a watchman. Oh diba, ang bongga ng nae nae. I nearly got drowned!

Day 4

Dujali. Went to my Lola’s place and visited my Lolo’s grave for t’was October 31 already.

Day 5

All Saints Day. As a tradition, my relatives will come to the house and together will visit the grandparentals on their graves. The house was sooo full of kids lol. Late Uncle Boy’s family stayed at out house (as usual) and his grandkids plus the kids in our place is riot. Haha. The best thing, I was able to bond again with my fave nephew, Vince. I missed that kiddo.


Day 6

Homegirl Forevs. Jerald, Chel and Me planned the night before to go to Talaingod at 8:00AM. But unfortunately, I woke up 7:30AM leaving me no time to do my morning routine if the plan will be pursued. So, t’was cancelled leaving me to stay at the house all day.

Evaluating my sembreak, t’was good. Haha. And fulfilling in the sense that I was able to go lakwatsa with and without the fam. What I did regret was not going to Talaingod. I heard t’was really a good place.


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