Birthday Week.

Final Defense + Exams + Revisions + Exams = STRESS

Something to start with, my birthday week is equal to stressful week. Yes. I started my birthday week with more thesis making, plus a bit of working for my project and bigger for my thesis and I am so stressed. Haha

Anyways, let’s get started. The major happening this week (well except for my birthday) is my final defense! *insert sword sound effects* and I would like to commend my partner, Kia for still keeping me as her pair for I think I am not that efficient and I have no help to the paper. *cries* lol. I am very blessed to have her. And mind you, we have passed the final defense! Thank you Dear God!

Everyone, my partner, Kia Kamille.

Well, before the actual defense, I have to consult my wardrobe manager *char* for the suggestions and comments with regards to my clothes. Haha But I didn’t heed her advice because I love my dress.

Haha. I dont like to show my knees.
Her. She is sleeping Jk.

I will be posting many faces of me, because I am that vain that time.

Well, it seems that t’was the highlight of my week because, I was so busy at my birthday day really that I looked like Haggardo Versoza at that time. Running to USEP then back to the school, taking the exams (which I slept half the time I’m on my table) then read some birthday greeting on facebook.

Actually I really love those people who made efforts of texting me their birthday message (and not that HBD only) or post my freaking face on facebook plus their novel-like greetings. I get to see who are those people who knew when will be your birthday and they are sincere with you as a friend through the messages. I know and I proved many.

The funny thing on my birthday is that my gang tried to upset me by not greeting me. But, because I am that smart, lol, I figured out that they are planning. We dined out and laughed our hearts out. I so love them

PS. Check out my instagram for the picture haha.  

Pictures be like:

 12067298_1065936700083218_1895106540_n 12067333_1065936896749865_330003649_n 12083746_1065936673416554_1019042456_n 12084064_1065936493416572_1948417917_n 12087549_1065936480083240_2010968663_n 12092521_1065936656749889_1952928535_n

And again, thank you to those cool kids who spent their time with me for the past 20 years. I’m in great debt in you guys cos with you, I maybe no one. So cheers to LEVEL 20 :*

12086949_1065936710083217_1549649423_n copy


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