Hell Week, Hell Yeah!

“Get your poops done, Biatch”

 That is what I am trying to do now for almost a week now (considering it is still the first day of the new week). A lot of paper works to be done, let alone tons of tasks to accomplish. And stress is consuming me, big time I almost feel I am made up of stress lol.

Everybody in the school is talking about, defense, research, re-defense (well those I knew) and I am like, I feel y’all bruh. I feel you. With the thesis making on-going, I have to stay late at night to finish what I am ought to do. Sleepless nights plus early time schedule and no appetite in the every meal is so draining. Plus the feeling of guilt within me whenever I can’t attend to my partners requests for our thesis because of my work and the no-overnighting rule in the house where I am staying at.

So hard, Iknowright.

What thesis did to me
What thesis did to me…
What now?

Saturday was the only one I get to enjoy myself with. You know, we went to Davao School and Rehabilitation Center of the Visually Impaired, an institution catering the education of those students who are blind. It is located at Bago Aplaya, Talomo District, Davao City. It is a quiet place in the heart of a busy and noisy place. I had met and was amazed on how the people in there continue their life despite the fact that they are blind, they are not that shy, not to proud and boastful and I can feel the sincerity in their smiles whenever we joke them around. I loved the place, I will post and update this whenever I have all the pictures ready.

And well, after the slight disruption of thesis making, back to reality already. I’ve got to spend my free day (which is Sunday) with the thesis partner at downtown of Davao City.

Goal Achieved! Selfie at the Convenience Store’s “CCTV”

Just now…

The remaining appendix…

Happiest for now. Good Luck tomorrow. Final Defense Fighting!


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