Yay for #Blogger

Howdy y’all.

I am Jana Vivien. And I want to share and express “me” in here. I am new to WordPress.com, I am on Blogger.com for 4 years already but I feel like there is a need to abandon my site there to welcome the older me. (Haha. I have to abandon my other blogs cos I feel like they are part of the “young me”. Yea, I’m pretty old already). I’ve heard about WordPress.com already but at that time, I am already contented with my blog so I feel like I don’t have to switch. And I am so busy at that time that I always don’t have time to do some writing and I will be finishing my hellish sem next week so I think, this is it already. And, I am here already.

 Well, the reason why I ended up to have another blog because I am turning 20 and I feel like I really need to turn into the woman I should be and not the girl I used to be. Haha. Cos, gosh I’ll be 20 but I still act like I’m still 15 and I swear it is not that attractive like how other people perceives. Urgh.

New blog.

New semester.

Not so new me, but well changed me.




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